11 – Author

“Thank God you’ve returned. I need your help. There’s a great deal of history that you should know, but I’m afraid that… I must continue my writing.”

Atrus/Rand Miller – Myst

Books have writers, movies have directors but video games? We often try to assign a face to video game development, an industry that requires dozens of jobs and thousands of people. But in the end, is there such a thing as a game author? Are the Kojimas, the Miyamotos or the Blowers the true catalysts behind gaming greatest hits? In this episode, Roy and Thomas share their thoughts about the notion of an author in their favorite hobby. Watch the Frenchmen smugly namedrop fancy film theories and expect a major Dark Souls moment. *Gong*

Examples discussed: Metal Gear Solid, Alone in the Dark, The Witness, Night in the Woods, NieR, The Last Express, Super Mario Bros and many more!

Games we’re Playing: Yakuza: Kiwami, Divinity: Original Sin 2, Destiny 2