Big Words is a bimonthly video game podcast in which the hosts focus on a single word to spark an hour-long discussion about narration, game mechanics, and presentation.

This project comes from the minds of two game enthusiasts interested in making a podcast but from a slightly different perspective. No news, no genre-focused obsession, just a a single word as an episode topic. From this mundane keyword, we dive deep into our gaming thoughts and memories revolving around this very concept. The topics are broad to keep away from narrowing things down too much.

We encourage listeners to drop us an email to stir up debates and share their own input on the matter. Also feel free to shout at us on Twitter!

About us

Word boggler, unapologetic boxed-wine drinker, probably playing video games in a kotatsu

  • Favorite games
    FF7-10, Animal Crossing, DayZ
  • Likes
    drinking, old trees, being barefoot (or mostly naked)
  • Dislikes
    how expensive cheese is in Japan

French translator, game history enthusiast, jack of all trades, master of none

  • Favorite games
    Deus Ex, Suikoden II, Riven
  • Likes
    outdoors, writing novels, reading
  • Dislikes
    rainy days, snakes, working