04 – Animals

Joel: “This everything you were hoping for?”
Ellie: “It’s got it ups and downs. You can’t deny the view, though.”
-The Last of Us

Feeling down? Go outside and pet a dog! It’s man’s best friend after all, what could go wrong? Oh wait, that’s right, Lara conditioned you to gun down wolves at the first growl. And let’s not forget those ghastly spiders just waiting to ensnare you in a web and suck your blood.
Lowly experience point fodder or invaluable element of creating a believable world? We try to think deep about the living creatures that roam our pixelated worlds.

Examples discussed: Red Dead Revolver, FFVII, Fable 2, Tomb Raider, Stardew Valley, Tokyo Jungle, Deadly Creatures, The Last of Us
Games we’re playing: Persona 5, Dark Souls III: The Fire Fades edition


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